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MP DryCabinet

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Ultra Dry Cabinet/Low Temp. Dry Cabinet/ Dry Cabinet
Very low relative humidity under 0.5%RH together with powerful heating,
which enables drying temperature up to 60°C for ST series (40°C for LT series),
are ideal for storing of your PCBs and all MSD level components without any need of repacking a MBB bag.

Dry Cabinet ST Series Standard with 60 Celsius heating element and Reach RH <1%

MP DryCabinet I ST

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MP DryCabinet II ST

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MP DryCabinet IV ST

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Dry Cabinet LT Series can reach RH <1% and option heating element to 40 Celsius

MP DryCabinet I LT

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MP DryCabinet II LT

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MP DryCabinet IV LT

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Short Drying Time

The combination of a low relative humidity and high drying temperature means a significant reduction of the time requi- red for effective drying of all stored components or PBCs. With MP DRY CABINET ST the drying time for MSD Level 3 components, with a body thickness of 1.4mm, is reduced down from 120 hours to 18 hours* (at 1%RH and 60°C).

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An intelligent and safety solution for high temperature appli- cations. Specifically designed for PCB conformal coating and potting applications the T140 offers an advanced curing solu- tion. With heating up to 140°C and with programmable tem- perature profile (5 steps in standard) the T140 will ensure quick reliable results. In combination with MP Drying unit (option) is it most effective solution on the market. The operator safety is ensured by special fast cooling system with electric exhaust flap and electromagnetic locking system. With this system, you can make sure the cabinet stays locked until it is at a safe temperature to open.

MP Ultra DryCabinet

ST Steinless Version
LT Painting Version
T140 Inteligent Oven
Solder Paste Storage