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Coalescence Mechanism

In the primary coalescence zone, the inlet droplet dispersion containing fine droplets (0.2 ~ 50 micrometers) is transformed into a suspension of enlarged droplets (500 ~ 5,000 micrometers).

When a fibrous medium is used, the coalescence mechanism is described by the following steps :

1. Droplet adsorption on fiber.
2. Translation (movement) of droplets to fiber intersections by bulk flow.
3. Coalescence of two droplets to form one larger droplet, and repeated coalescence of small droplets into larger droplets at fiber 
4. Release of droplets from fiber intersections due to increased drag on adsorbed droplets, caused by bulk flow.
5. Repeat of steps 1 ~ 4 with progressively larger droplet sizes and more open media porosity.
Most Important Factors in Coalescing Separation